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(The Sound of my Land)

It seems that the style of Tango shows is changing, with artists trying to get away from the old “Forever Tango” format.  One direction is that of combining the folkloric roots of Argentina with Tango.  Many of the show Tango dancers have a folkloric background, and if you have ever stayed to the very end of a milonga in Buenos Aires you may have seen the “locals” get up and enthusiastically dance a chacarera or two, and if you attend the milongas in London you will have seen it there, too.
This video celebrates the connection between Folklore and Tango.  The principal artistes are Nicole Nau and Luis Peyrera, whose original idea it was, and the couple are the show’s General Directors.  We enjoyed watching this video, in particular the rhythmic zapateo of the dancers, although we would have liked more Tango input to balance the folklore content.  However, this is not a “Tango Show” and one can clearly see the connection being made between “the Spanish heel-tapping” and the “Argentine heel-tapping”, its counterpart merging into dances like the Gaucho’s Chacarera and finally into the so-called “Tango Porteño”, the tango of Buenos Aires”.
As the information says; “All geographical and chronological frontiers fade away in this event, turning the show into just music and dance.  Nicole and Luis are the Tango dancers, being respected performers in their own right, and are supported in the Folklore content by Pablo Aznarez and his Group, Diego Reynoso with Hugo Pajon, Choly Soria, Rubén & Nelson Segovia, the Trio Danza and Néstor Spada.
The video is 60 minutes in length and is entertaining to watch throughout.

Review taken from El Once magazine no. 41

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