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The ten tracks on this first CD of Guillermo’s include the vals “Flor de lino” and the milonga “Bien criolla y bien porteņa”.  The diversity of the backing, from solo guitar, solo piano and solo bandoneon to tango quartet adds additional colour and dynamics to the choice of the repertoire.

Guillermo admits to the influence of Edmundo Rivero, which can be heard in his rendition of the milonga and his use of the solo guitar.  His love of other Latin rhthyms and jazz is evident in his interpretations of the classic tango’s on this CD, and as has been said, jazz is more akin to tango than classical music. See what you think...


1.  Cafetin de Buenos Aires
2.  El corazon al sur
3.  Flor de Lino
4.  Bien Criolla y Bien Porteņa
5.  Chorra
6.  Chiquilin de bachin
7.  Ventarron
8.  Que me van a hablar de amor
9.  Mano a mano
10. Malena

Guillermo:   vocals
Alejandro Sancho: guitar, arr.
Facundo Bergalli: guitar
Fernando Marzan: arr.
Fernano Marzan Quartet

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Listen to Cafetin de  Buenos Aires

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