Next date for El Once Club at The Crypt is
7th April 2012

Site was updated 25th March 2012

On December 2nd 2000, the “El Once Club” milonga moved to the THE CRYPT of ST. JAMES CHURCH which is in CLERKENWELL CLOSE, off CLERKENWELL GREEN in the East Central area of London.  It is within three minutes walk of FARRINGDON underground station, and there is easy parking for cars.  The club stays open until 12.30am, and being situated in the centre of the city, it is in one of the best areas to travel home easily and safely at night.

Considered by many to be the most atmospheric Tango venue in London, complete with its subtly-lit brick arched ceiling,  the Crypt is a large space beneath St. James Church in fashionable Clerkenwell. The huge dance-floor has a parquet surface and is great to dance on - there is plenty of room for whatever style of Tango you might want to do.

The hosts for this venue are Paul Lange and Michiko Okazaki, who carefully select the music for the evening, alternating on Saturdays with Nikki of DanceTango. You will be able to enjoy dancing and listening to the orchestras of Carlos de Sarli, Juan D’Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Ricardo Tanturi, Rodolfo Biaggi, Francisco Canaro, Miguel Calo, Anibal Troilo, Edgardo Donato and others.   Tango is played in sets of orchestras, alternating with vals and milongas.  Salsa and swing sets feature too, to break the intensity of Tango, and we have also been known to get everyone involved in dancing the Chacarera, an Argentinian folk dance.  

The charming personalities of the effervescent tangueras will make you feel welcome at the door, and they will introduce you to the soft lighting and good music, all of which will contribute to the pleasant and friendly atmosphere, helping to make this London’s most popular Saturday night milonga.   El Once club is usually frequented by many of the best dancers in London, and there is also the opportunity to meet visiting tangueros from many other parts of the world, including teachers and performers.  Occasionally there will be a dance demonstration by professional tango show dancers.

The milonga is open on every Saturday of the month, but if you are not a regular it is always wise to check before you go, or click here to see the latest schedule 

There is a beginner’s class from 7.30-8.20pm and an intermediate class from 8.20 - 9pm.  The milonga starts at 9pm and goes on until 12.30am.
The entry price is 10, which includes the lesson.
Occasionally the price increases if there is a special event, such as a show, guest teacher or live music


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