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GUILLERMO ROSENTHÜLER - Mirando al Surguillermo-cd-cover
Guillermo came to the UK from his native Buenos Aires several years ago to promote his career as a singer/guitarist of Tango, Latin and Jazz.  He is also an accomplished vocalist in Argentine folkloric music. Now based in London, he travels extensively, not least back to his home city, where he recorded this CD. When in the UK he sings with the Tango band “Los Mareados”, and features on their forthcoming CD
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LOS RANAS - Tango + Electronicaranas
This CD is Carlos Quilicis venture and experimentation into the Nuevo world of fusion between “traditional” tango sounds and electronic instrumentation, and features Carlos on bandoneon, Javier Fioramonti on guitar and programming and Mariano Braun on piano, programming and samplers.  There are only four tracks on this CD, but each one is well worth listening too, and for the tango nuevo dancers out there, worth dancing too, as well.
Price: £4.75


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This DVD features the teaching method developed by AGUSTINA VIDELA & from-the-heart-front smallCLAUDIO ASPREA.  This DVD takes you through the very basics of learning to dance tango, both for a leader and a follower, to a level where you should be able to improvise and dance musically in any milonga you visit.
Besides the 230 minutes of classes, there are also 40 minutes of extra material featuring comments on dancing at milongas in Buenos Aires ( a worthwhile lesson in itself), clips of Musamistonga orchestra and much more.  Having seen many teaching videos this is the best we have encountered so far and are therefore happy to promote and recommend it on our site.
Price 78 Euros
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